Dr. Middleton

Dr. George Middleton, 1923-2008

Memorial Service Page

Dr. Middleton's Memorial Service was held on May 1st, 2008 at Johnson Funeral Home in Lake Charles, LA. Many of Dr. Middleton's friends and loved ones attended the service but many could not. Therefore, we are making as much content from the service as possible available here.

Program of the Memorial Service (PDF)

Audio Recording of the Entire Service (MP3) - please note that this file is large (26 MB) and does not follow the program exactly.

Audio Recording of Max Guthrie's (GPGC Class of 1996) Words of Remembrance (MP3) (2MB)

Audio Recording of Paul Honsinger's (GPGC Class of 1974) Words of Remembrance (MP3) (10MB)

Audio Recording of Joshua Brown's (GPGC Class of 1986) Words of Remembrance (MP3) (4 MB)

Here are a few pictures from the service:

front table Display Table
Main Display Table
Second Display Table
Front One More Flowers
Lectern and Front
More Flowers
Dr. Middleton's niece, Sally (on left) visits with Joan Ardoin (center) and another visitor.
Visitors (including Bob Weber in the center)