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"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
-Malcom Forbes


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Student Works

from Miles to Go

Wisdom is an obscure fog
Veiled by ignorance
Revealed by reason
Achieved only through pure motive
Characterized by determination.
-David Norman, 1969

The very edge of the known,
Only the unknown is known,
You run and hide from reality,
Your mind is half-asleep—half-awake
On-the-brink of then,
Reaching into the darkness,
Becoming now.
-Jill Stansbury, 1985

Dance to your Daddy
Dance to your daddy my little child,
Dance your dance, simple and wild
A dance of contentment, love and peace
Dance as though you’ll never cease.
Dance to your daddy my little lad
Learn my valued, good and bad
Know my loves, my failings, and my hates;
Dance wrapped in your own intricate mistakes.
Dance to your daddy my little man
For very soon you’ll understand,
Things not being what we plan,
You must learn to dance while you can.
Dance to your Father my errant son
For now your dance is almost done
And now you know what all must see
That all must finally dance to Me.
-Joe Shieber, 1985

Grand old violin in the rugged case,
Once bow and hand did disgrace your face.
Now only dust motes keep you company.
Long years you have been slumbering.
Fast frog across your “E” did fly.
At last the song began to die.
Now you doze, and lie in wait
For another to capture a violin’s fate.
- Alex Ducote, 2004

How to Score the Goal of Your Life
When you’re down by five
With thirty seconds left on the clock
And your heart beats faster and faster,
Ignore the pumping
Of your long-denied heart.
Just wipe your brow
And call the next play.
Ignore the fact
That it’s fourth and inches
And that the only thing standing
Between you and victory
Are the eleven other sweaty beasts
Yearning for the same thing.
Say it: Hut, hut, hike.
When the ball hurdles at you,
Grip the pigskin tightly,
But don’t panic
When all eleven people
Come at you at once.
You can’t afford to.
When they are almost on you
And you hear the crowd roar,
Find your man,
And the first chance you get,
Launch the ball.
Then wait
Knowing that nothing stands
Between you and the ball
Hitting its mark.
- Fabian Jinks, 2004

From whom much is given, much is required
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